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Gene Review

TMEM131  -  transmembrane protein 131

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CC28, KIAA0257, PRO1048, Protein RW1, RW1, ...
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Disease relevance of TMEM131


High impact information on TMEM131

  • DNA strand breaks as measured by comet assay were increased in alveolar macrophages and lung epithelial cells of RW1 and MMVF10 treated rats [2].
  • The potential of two asbestos substitute mineral fibres--rock (stone) wool RW1 and glass wool MMVF10--to induce gene mutations, DNA strand breaks, inflammation and oxidative stress has been studied in rats [2].

Associations of TMEM131 with chemical compounds

  • The results showed that 10mg/L cadmium, mercury and copper not only affected the growth of RW1 with dibenzofuran but also the ability of resting cells to degrade this compound [3].


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