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Gene Review

cdc18  -  MCM loader

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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High impact information on cdc18

  • We show here that overexpressing cdc18 is able to bring about repeated rounds of DNA synthesis in the absence of mitosis and of continuing protein synthesis [1].
  • The level of the cdc18-encoded protein p65cdc18 is periodic in the cell cycle, peaking at the G1 to S phase transition, and p65cdc18 is located in the nucleus when cdc18 is overexpressed [1].
  • Conversely, deletion of ruml+ increases the severity of the cdc18 mutant phenotype, resulting in inappropriate cell division and a rapid loss of viability [2].
  • Chromatin binding of the fission yeast replication factor mcm4 occurs during anaphase and requires ORC and cdc18 [3].
  • We find that transcription of cdc18, together with the transcription of other cdc10p/res1p targets, is first initiated as cells enter mitosis and continues even in cells arrested in mitosis with highly condensed chromatin [4].

Biological context of cdc18


Regulatory relationships of cdc18


Other interactions of cdc18

  • We propose that cdc18p is central to the molecular mechanism co-ordinating S phase and M phase in concert with changes in activity of the master cell cycle regulator, the cdc2 protein kinase [11].
  • This model was examined by induction of overreplication of the genome by overexpression of rum1p or cdc18p [12].
  • These have been characterised physiologically, and 6 of the genes (cdc 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24) were found to be required for DNA replication, 2 for mitosis (cdc 27, 28), and 2 (cdc 18, 19), could not be unambiguously assigned to either DNA replication or mitosis but were definitely required for one or the other [13].


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