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Gene Review

NPNT  -  nephronectin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: EGFL6L, Nephronectin, POEM, Preosteoblast EGF-like repeat protein with MAM domain, Protein EGFL6-like, ...


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High impact information on NPNT

  • Nephronectin is a new extracellular matrix protein associated with the Wolffian duct and the ureteric bud, epithelial structures with well-defined roles in kidney development [1].
  • In adults, the NPNT expression was widely found in lung, kidney, brain, uterus, placenta, thyroid gland and blood vessels [2].
  • Lubrication properties were compared among glycerin fatty acid esters (Poem TR-FB and Poem TR-HB), magnesium stearate (Mg-St), and a sucrose fatty acid ester (RYOTO SUGAR ESTER S-370F: SSE) [3].
  • Nephronectin is a Wnt target gene; epidermal β-catenin activation upregulates epidermal nephronectin and dermal α8 integrin expression.  [4]
  • Nephronectin induces α8 integrin-positive cells to upregulate smooth muscle markers. [4]


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