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Gene Review

PTPN23  -  protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DKFZP564F0923, HD-PTP, HDPTP, His domain-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase, KIAA1471, ...
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Disease relevance of PTPN23


High impact information on PTPN23

  • Expression analysis and modulation by HIV-Tat of the tyrosine phosphatase HD-PTP [2].
  • By RNA fingerprinting, we found that Tat upregulates the tyrosine phosphatase HD-PTP mRNA in a human endothelial cell line [2].
  • HD-PTP mRNA was also detected in cell lines derived from tumors that develop in BKV/Tat-transgenic mice [2].
  • HD-PTP encodes a 185-kDa protein which is expressed in human endothelial from the umbilical cord and in human Kaposi-spindle cells [2].
  • We here show that HD-PTP is highly conserved through evolution from yeast to man, and is ubiquitously distributed in adult and fetal tissues [2].

Biological context of PTPN23

  • HD-PTP is expressed in human cell lines derived from different tumors, but the mRNA levels do not appear to correlate with the malignant phenotype of the cells [2].

Anatomical context of PTPN23


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PTPN23

  • We confirmed the interactions in a mammalian system by Strep-pulldown assays in which pulldown products from the lysates of HEK293T cells expressing either Strep-tagged HD-PTP alone or co-expressing with epitope-tagged proteins were analyzed by Western blotting using specific antibodies [3].


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