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Gene Review

VCX  -  variable charge, X-linked

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: VCX-10r, VCX-B1, VCX1, VCX10R, VCXB1, ...
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Disease relevance of VCX

  • The revelation that CRI-S232 contains VCX offers a more precise description of the genetic etiology of X-linked ichthyosis: it results from aberrant recombination between VCX gene arrays that flank the STS locus [1].

Psychiatry related information on VCX


High impact information on VCX

  • There is no correlation between the presence or absence of VCX-B1, -B, and VCX-C and mental status in our patients [3].
  • Array-CGH with DNA of an XLI patient with MR and an inherited t(X;Y)(p22.31;q11.2) showed an Xpter deletion of 8.0 Mb resulting in the deletion of all four VCX genes and duplication of both VCY homologs [4].
  • Analysis of DNA from four XLI patients with MR by array-comparative genomic hybridization (array-CGH) on a 150 kb resolution X chromosome-specific array revealed a 1.5 Mb interstitial microdeletion with breakpoints in the CRI-S232 repeat sequences, each of which harbors a VCX gene [4].
  • We also found that a copy of VCX is present in CRI-S232, a previously described genomic fragment derived from the X chromosome [1].
  • Designated VCX / Y ( Variable Charge X / Y; VCY previously known as BPY1 ), this gene family has multiple members on both X and Y, and all appear to be expressed exclusively in male germ cells [1].

Biological context of VCX


Other interactions of VCX

  • The location of each CAIII locus in a Low Copy Repeated element containing duplicated VCX/Y genes (approximately 1 kb) suggested that direct or indirect selection could explain these results [6].


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