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Gene Review

UL1  -  contains a signal peptide; complexed with...

Suid herpesvirus 1

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Disease relevance of UL1

  • Deduced proteins exhibited homology to uracil-DNA glycosylase encoded by HSV-1 ORF UL2 (54% identity) and gL encoded by HSV-1 ORF UL1 (24% identity), respectively [1].
  • The predicted ILTV protein encoded upstream of UL2 possesses limited sequence homology to the UL1 gene product of herpesviruses, the structural glycoprotein L. The presence of a N-terminal signal sequence, a conserved N-glycosylation site and two conserved cysteine residues indicates a similar function of the putative ILTV protein [2].

High impact information on UL1

  • Northern (RNA) blot analysis with oligonucleotide and cDNA probes revealed four abundant mRNA species of 3.3, 2.7, 1.8, and 0.9 kb, which are likely to yield polypeptides encoded by the UL1, -2, -3, and -3.5 open reading frames, respectively [3].
  • DNA sequence and transcriptional analysis of the UL1 to UL5 gene cluster of infectious laryngotracheitis virus [2].


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