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Identification and characterization of a novel structural glycoprotein in pseudorabies virus, gL.

Herpesvirus envelope glycoproteins play important roles in the interaction between virions and target cells. In the alphaherpesvirus pseudorabies virus (PrV), seven glycoproteins that all constitute homologs of glycoproteins found in herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) have been characterized, including a homolog of HSV-1 glycoprotein H (gH). Since HSV-1 gH is found associated with another essential glycoprotein, gL, we analyzed whether PrV also encodes a gL homolog. DNA sequence analysis of a corresponding part of the UL region adjacent to the internal inverted repeat in PrV strains Kaplan and Becker revealed the presence of two open reading frames (ORF). Deduced proteins exhibited homology to uracil-DNA glycosylase encoded by HSV-1 ORF UL2 (54% identity) and gL encoded by HSV-1 ORF UL1 (24% identity), respectively. To identify the PrV UL1 protein, rabbit antisera were prepared against two synthetic oligopeptides that were predicted by computer analysis to encompass antigenic epitopes. Sera against both peptides reacted in Western blots of purified virions with a 20-kDa protein. The specificity of the reaction was demonstrated by peptide competition. Since the PrV UL1 sequence did not reveal the presence of a consensus N-linked glycosylation site, concanavalin A affinity chromatography and enzymatic deglycosylation of virion glycoproteins were used to ascertain that the PrV UL1 product is O glycosylated. Therefore, we designated this protein PrV gL. Analysis of mutant PrV virions lacking gH showed that concomitantly with the absence of gH, gL was also missing in purified virions. In summary, we identified and characterized a novel structural PrV glycoprotein, gL, which represents the eighth PrV glycoprotein described. In addition, we show that virion location of PrV gL is dependent on the presence of PrV gH.[1]


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