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Gene Review

foxa2  -  forkhead box A2

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Axial protein, Forkhead box protein A2, HNF-3B, SO:0000704, ax, ...
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High impact information on foxa2

  • Thus, Axial appears to be a target of both mesoderm induction and neural induction, leading to expression in cells of all three germ layers along the developing axis [1].
  • Taken together, our data suggest that Axial plays a crucial role in specification of both the axial mesendoderm and the ventral central nervous system [1].
  • The primary defects of cyclops mutants (lack of floor plate, deficiencies in the brain and cyclopia) correlate well with the expression domain of the Axial gene in wild-type neuroectoderm [1].
  • Our results suggest that both Axial (HNF3beta) and retinoic acid receptors are direct regulators of the sonic hedgehog gene [2].
  • In contrast to previously described zebrafish trunk LFP markers, like e.g. tal2 or foxa2, nkx2.2b is exclusively expressed in the LFP [3].

Biological context of foxa2


Anatomical context of foxa2

  • Endodermal expression of axl and shh is not affected by the mutations showing that development of the endoderm is under distinct control [5].

Other interactions of foxa2

  • We present a description of the expression of the HNF-3 beta homolog axial (axl) in the developing zebrafish up to larva stages and compare it with that of sonic hedgehog (shh) [5].


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