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Gene Review

tcf2  -  transcription factor 2, hepatic

Danio rerio

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High impact information on tcf2

  • The different requirements for vhnf1 and val to repress hoxb1a and ephrin-B2a, respectively, demonstrate that not all aspects of an individual rhombomere's identity are regulated coordinately [1].
  • However, vhnf1 is not able to repress all aspects of r4 identity equivalently. val is required downstream of vhnf1 to repress r4-like cell-surface properties, as determined by an 'Eph-ephrin code', by repressing ephrin-B2a expression in r5 and r6 [1].
  • We show that RA induces val expression via activation of vhnf1 expression in the hindbrain [1].
  • We demonstrate that Iro7 represses vhnf1 expression anterior to their common border and that, conversely, vHnf1 represses iro7 expression caudal to it [2].
  • This territory is strictly complementary to the expression domain of another homeobox gene, vhnf1, in the caudal neural plate [2].

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