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Gene Review

cx43  -  connexin 43

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Connexin-43, Cx43, Gap junction alpha-1 protein, SO:0000704, Short fin protein, ...
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High impact information on cx43

  • In this report, we demonstrate that the sof phenotype is caused by mutations in the connexin43 (cx43) gene [1].
  • This conclusion is supported by genetic mapping, reduced expression of cx43 in the original sof allele (sofb123), identification of missense mutations in three ENU-induced alleles, and by demonstration of partially abrogated cx43 function in sofb123 embryos [1].
  • Expression of cx43 was identified in cells flanking the germinal region of newly growing segments as well as in the osteoblasts at segment boundaries [1].
  • This report identifies the first gene identification for a fin length mutation (sof) as well as the first connexin mutations in zebrafish, and therefore reveals a critical role for local cell-cell communication in the regulation of bone size and growth [1].
  • The molecular identification of the fin length mutant short fin (sof), which causes defects in the length of bony fin ray segments, may provide insights regarding the regulation of bone growth [1].

Other interactions of cx43

  • With the previous isolation of zebrafish Cx43 and Cx43.4, zebrafish orthologues have now been isolated for three of the four connexins expressed in the mammalian cardiovascular system [2].


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