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Gene Review

cx27.5  -  connexin 27.5

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704
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High impact information on cx27.5

  • Gap junctions are composed of connexin (Cx) proteins and mediate intercellular communication required for many developmental and physiological processes [1].
  • By combining in situ hybridization with Laser Capture Microdissection and RT-PCR, we found that this novel fish connexin is expressed in horizontal cells in the inner nuclear layer of the retina [2].
  • This report identifies the first gene identification for a fin length mutation (sof) as well as the first connexin mutations in zebrafish, and therefore reveals a critical role for local cell-cell communication in the regulation of bone size and growth [3].
  • We found evidence for duplication events in all genomes, as well as evidence for recent tandem duplication events in the zebrafish, indicating that the complexity of the connexin family is growing [4].
  • The protein encoded by this open reading frame contains 391 amino acids, with a predicted molecular weight of 44.1 kDa and a typical connexin transmembrane topology [5].

Anatomical context of cx27.5

  • Complete connexin gene families have been identified from human (20) and mouse (19), revealing significant diversity in gap junction channels [4].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cx27.5


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