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Gene Review

L  -  L protein

Parainfluenza virus 5

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Disease relevance of L

  • The SV5 L protein sequence showed 62% overall identity with the parainfluenza type 2 L protein [1].
  • The L protein of PIV-2 shows 39.9, 28.9, 27.8 and 28.3% homologies with Newcastle disease virus (NDV), Sendai virus (SV), parainfluenza type 3 virus (PIV-3) and measles virus (MV), respectively [2].
  • The L protein of PIV-2 was detected in purified virions and virus-infected cells using antiserum directed against an oligopeptide corresponding to the amino terminal region [2].
  • A functional RNA replication promoter for the paramyxovirus simian virus 5 (SV5) requires two essential and discontinuous elements: 19 bases at the 3' terminus (conserved region I) and an 18-base internal region (conserved region II [CRII]) that is contained within the coding region of the L protein gene [3].
  • These data provide the first biochemical evidence in support of a simple domain structure for an L protein of the nonsegmented negative-sense RNA viruses [4].

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