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Gene Review

Lim1  -  CG11354 gene product from transcript...

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BcDNA:GH04929, CG10760, CG11354, Dlim1, Dmel\CG11354, ...
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High impact information on Lim1

  • No Lim1 misexpression occurred upon aristaless misexpression [1].
  • Proximal-distal leg development in Drosophila requires the apterous gene and the Lim1 homologue dlim1 [2].
  • Our findings show that dlim1 is an essential gene that when mutated results in lethality near the larval-pupal boundary [3].

Biological context of Lim1

  • Here we describe the isolation and characterization of another LIM homeobox gene in Drosophila termed dlim1, a homolog of the vertebrate Lim-1 gene [3].


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