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Gene Review

ilvA  -  threonine dehydratase

Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 13032

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Disease relevance of ilvA


High impact information on ilvA

  • The new pantothenate production strain carries a deletion of the ilvA gene to abolish isoleucine synthesis, the promoter down-mutation P-ilvEM3 to attenuate ilvE gene expression and thereby increase ketoisovalerate availability, and two compatible plasmids to overexpress the ilvBNCD genes and duplicated copies of the panBC operon [2].
  • The valine-caused isoleucine limitation was supported by the finding that the inhibitory valine effect was linked to the ilvA deletion that results in isoleucine auxotrophy [3].
  • The same genes, ilvBNCD, overexpressed in an ilvA deletion mutant which is unable to synthesize L-isoleucine increased the concentration of this amino acid to 58 mM [4].


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