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Gene Review

spel1  -  spellchecker1

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BG:DS01068.9, CG4215, DNA mismatch repair protein spellchecker 1, Dmel\CG4215, Msh2, ...
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High impact information on spel1

  • Furthermore, the mutation spectrum of long microsatellite alleles in spel1(-/-) was slightly upward biased, resulting in a gain of repeats, whereas wild-type flies have a strong downward bias [1].
  • Using a new assay, we have also discovered that mutations in spel1 decrease the stability of a dinucleotide repeat when it is copied into the site of a double-strand break during gene conversion [2].
  • Whereas in the germ cells of the spel1 strain, we found microsatellite mutations in the five repeated sequences studied in untreated individuals, no alterations were found in the MMR-proficient strain [3].
  • These results indicate that the use of the Drosophila spel1 mutant (MMR-deficient) could be of relevant importance to identify environmental factors involved in carcinogenesis processes through genomic instability [3].


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