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Gene Review

msh2  -  DNA mismatch repair protein

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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High impact information on SPBC19G7.01c

  • By complementation assays, we showed that S. pombe msh2 is allelic with the previously identified swi8 and mut3 genes, which are involved in mating-type switching [1].
  • Our data show that besides having a function in mismatch repair, S. pombe msh2 is required for correct termination of copy synthesis during mating-type switching as well as for proper organization of chromosomes during meiosis [1].
  • Cytological analysis revealed that during meiotic prophase of msh2-defective cells, chromosomal structures were frequently formed; such structures are rarely found in the wild type [1].
  • Mutations in swi8 confer a general mutator phenotype and, in particular, generate specific mutations in the MT region [2].
  • The alteration at the smt signal arose frequently in other h90 swi8 strains and is probably caused by gene conversion in which the sequence adjacent to the H1 box of mat2:2 is used as template [2].

Biological context of SPBC19G7.01c


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