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Gene Review

IGKV@  -  immunoglobulin kappa variable cluster

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: IGKV, IGKV1, IGKV1@, IGKV2, IGKV2@, ...
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High impact information on IGKV@

  • During differentiation of lymphocytes into antibody-producing cells, an immunoglobulin kappa variable-region gene is transcriptionally activated by rearrangement linking it to a kappa constant (C kappa) region gene which is already transcribed prior to somatic rearrangement [1].
  • Furthermore, they indicate that in SMZL, as in other B cell malignancies, a complementarity imprint of antigen selection might be witnessed either by IGHV, IGKV, or IGLV rearranged sequences [2].
  • Clonal IGKV-J and IGLV-J gene rearrangements were amplified in 36/43 cases, including 31 IGKV-J (8/31 in lambda light-chain expressing cases) and 12 IGLV-J rearrangements; 9/31 IGKV and 6/12 IGLV sequences were mutated [2].
  • We find that all MOG-specific IgGkappa Fab fragments, unrelated to genetic make-up, utilize a restricted set of variable region genes, IGHV1 and IGHV3 for the H chain and IGKV1, IGKV3, and IGKV5 for the L chain [3].
  • Immunoglobulin light-chain genes in the rhesus macaque I: kappa light-chain germline sequences for subgroups IGKV1, IGKV and IGKV3 [4].

Biological context of IGKV@

  • Twenty-eight IGKV1, 22 IGKV2 and 12 IGKV3 germline genes for the macaque were found, the open reading frames of which exhibit high homology to their human counterparts (>96, >99 and >96%, respectively) [4].
  • In the most frequent haplotypes, the human IGK locus spans 1,820 kb and the IGKV genes are organized in two clusters separated by 800 kb [5].
  • In those haplotypes where both the proximal and distal IGKV clusters are present, the total number of human IGK genes per haploid genome is 82 (107 genes if the orphons are included) of which 37-41 are functional [5].
  • The localization of the immunoglobulin kappa light chain genes (IGKV) to the short arm of chromosome 2 reported at this workshop provides the first example of the localization of an unassigned, unique DNA gene sequence by this method [6].

Other interactions of IGKV@

  • J distal IGKV1 and IGLV1 genes are predominantly used in TPO aAb [7].


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