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Gene Review

Nsfl1c  -  NSFL1 (p97) cofactor (p47)

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Munc-18c, NSFL1 cofactor p47, Stxbp3a, p47, p97 cofactor p47
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High impact information on Nsfl1c

  • In order to provide insight into the molecular basis of p97 adaptor binding, we have determined the crystal structure of p97 ND1 domains complexed with p47 C-terminal domain at 2.9 A resolution [1].
  • Nonhemopoietic cells accounted for the expression of STAT1-mediated indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase and the p47 GTPase LRG-47, but not inducible NO synthase mRNA [2].
  • The amount and subcellular distribution of syntaxin4, SNAP23, Munc-18c, and GLUT1 were unchanged in either aP2-GLUT4-/- or aP2-GLUT4-Tg adipocytes, but transferrin receptor was partially redistributed to the plasma membrane in aP2-GLUT4-Tg adipocytes [3].
  • Disruption of Toxoplasma gondii parasitophorous vacuoles by the mouse p47-resistance GTPases [4].

Anatomical context of Nsfl1c

  • We show that the p47 GTPases, including IIGP1, accumulate at vacuoles containing T. gondii [4].

Other interactions of Nsfl1c

  • In the latter, the p97 adaptor protein p47 is of central importance [1].


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