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Gene Review

mb  -  myoglobin

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Myoglobin, SO:0000704, zgc:65819, zgc:77764
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High impact information on mb

  • Neuroglobin appears to be associated with mitochondria-rich cell types and thus oxygen consumption rates, suggesting a myoglobin-like function of this protein in facilitated oxygen diffusion [1].
  • Respiratory proteins like hemoglobin or myoglobin bind or store oxygen, thus enhancing its availability to the respiratory chain in the mitochondria [2].
  • Mackerel Mb had the highest P50 value at 25 degrees C (3.7 mmHg), corresponding to the lowest O2 affinity, followed by zebrafish (1.0 mmHg), yellowfin tuna (1.0 mmHg), and N. coriiceps (0.6 mmHg) [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of mb


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