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Gene Review

SALL1  -  sal-like 1 (Drosophila)

Gallus gallus

Synonyms: SAL1, Spalt
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Disease relevance of SALL1

  • In vivo and in vitro studies of genetic resistance to systemic salmonellosis in the chicken encoded by the SAL1 locus [1].

High impact information on SALL1

  • The conserved glutamine-rich region of chick csal1 and csal3 mediates protein interactions with other spalt family members. Implications for Townes-Brocks syndrome [2].
  • We have cloned a chick homologue of Drosophila spalt, which we have termed csal1, and this study focuses on the regulation of csal1 expression in the limb bud. csal1 is expressed in limb buds from HH 17 to 26, in both the apical ectodermal ridge and the distal mesenchyme [3].
  • There was no MHC linkage or any association with SAL1, the gene implicated in resistance to systemic salmonellosis in chickens, or NRAMP1 [4].
  • A novel locus encoding resistance to salmonellosis has been identified on chicken chromosome 5, and designated SAL1 [1].


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