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Gene Review

SOX8  -  SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 8

Gallus gallus

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High impact information on SOX8

  • Here, we show that in Xenopus, Sox8 accumulates at the lateral edges of the neural plate at the mid-gastrula stage; in contrast to its mouse and chick orthologs, Sox8 expression precedes that of Sox9 and Sox10 in neural crest progenitors [1].
  • We found that cSox8 is expressed at similar levels in both sexes at embryonic day 6 and 7, and only at the anterior tip of the gonad, suggesting that SOX8 is not responsible for the sex-specifi c increase in cAmh gene expression at these stages [2].
  • These results show that high levels of Sox10, Sox9, or Sox8 expression in the neural tube are capable of inducing a migratory neural crest-like phenotype even in the absence of dorsal signals and can maintain these cells in an undifferentiated state [3].
  • SOX8 expression during chick embryogenesis [4].
  • SOX8 is expressed in the somitic derivative, the dermomyotome, the developing heart, pancreas, enteric neurone system, limb and the neural tube [4].


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