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Gene Review

Sox8  -  SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 8

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Sox-8, Transcription factor SOX-8
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Disease relevance of Sox8


High impact information on Sox8

  • Oligodendrocyte progenitor numbers recovered at later stages of development, probably owing to compensatory actions of the related Sox10 and Sox8, both of which overlap with Sox9 in the oligodendrocyte lineage [3].
  • To confirm the function of Sox8 as a negative regulator of osteoblast differentiation we generated transgenic mice that express Sox8 under the control of an osteoblast-specific Col1a1 promoter fragment [4].
  • Sox8-deficient mice display a low bone mass phenotype that is caused by a precocious osteoblast differentiation [4].
  • Together, these data demonstrate a novel function of Sox8, whose tightly controlled expression is critical for bone formation [4].
  • Because of frequent coexpression with either Sox9 or Sox10, the mild phenotype of Sox8-deficient mice might at least in part be due to functional redundancy between group E Sox proteins [2].

Biological context of Sox8

  • Origin and possible roles of the Sox8 transcription factor gene during sexual development [5].
  • Moreover, using a tissue specific knock-out approach, we show that Sox9 is involved in Sertoli cell differentiation, the activation of Mis and Sox8, and the inactivation of Sry [6].
  • In this study, we tested the possibility of Sox8 being important for sex determination or sex differentiation in the red-eared slider turtle Trachemys scripta, in which sex is determined by egg incubation temperature between stages 15 and 20 [7].
  • To analyze the extent of functional equivalence between the two Sox proteins, we employed targeted mutagenesis to replace Sox10 with Sox8 in the mouse [8].
  • Expression of Sox8 is strong during embryonic muscle development and gradually declines postnatally [9].

Anatomical context of Sox8

  • Despite strong expression of Sox8 in many tissues, including neural crest, nervous system, muscle, cartilage, adrenal gland, kidney, and testis, homozygous mice developed normally in utero, were born at Mendelian frequencies, and were viable [2].
  • However, our studies involving the red-eared slider turtle indicate that Sox8 is expressed at similar levels in males and females throughout the sex-determining period, suggesting that Sox8 is neither a transcriptional regulator for Amh, nor responsible for sex determination or gonad differentiation in that species [5].
  • Sox8 expression was found only in the oocytes of preantral follicles and in the oocytes, cumulus cells, and mural granulosa cells of preovulatory follicles [10].
  • Functional analysis of Sox8 during neural crest development in Xenopus [11].
  • We show that oligodendrocytes in the spinal cord additionally express the highly related Sox8 [12].

Physical interactions of Sox8


Other interactions of Sox8


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sox8


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