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Gene Review

tpx2-a  -  TPX2, microtubule-associated

Xenopus laevis

Synonyms: dil-2, dil2, hctp4, repp86, tpx2
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High impact information on TPX2


Biological context of TPX2

  • TPX2 has multiple functions during mitosis, including microtubule nucleation around the chromosomes and the targeting of Xklp2 and Aurora A to the spindle [3].
  • This interaction causes TPX2 to stimulate both the phosphorylation and the kinase activity of Eg2 in a microtubule-dependent manner [1].
  • TPX2-depleted nuclei assemble nuclear envelopes, nuclear pore complexes, and a lamina, and they perform nuclear-specific functions, including DNA replication [2].
  • Our finding that a known binding protein, and not a conventional protein kinase, is the relevant activator for Aurora A suggests a biochemical model in which the dynamic localization of TPX2 on mitotic structures directly modulates the activity of Aurora A for spindle assembly [4].
  • One such protein is TPX2, a required spindle assembly factor in higher eukaryotes whose ability to activate Aurora A by direct binding to the kinase catalytic domain has been established by biochemical and structural analysis [5].

Anatomical context of TPX2

  • These and previous results suggest that under physiological conditions, TPX2 is essential for microtubule nucleation around chromatin and functions in a network of other molecules, some of which also are regulated by RanGTP [3].

Associations of TPX2 with chemical compounds

  • We have performed a detailed domain functional analysis of TPX2 and found that a large N-terminal domain containing the Aurora A binding peptide interacts directly with and nucleates microtubules in pure tubulin solutions [3].

Enzymatic interactions of TPX2

  • Remarkably, Aurora A that has been fully deactivated by Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A) becomes phosphorylated and reactivated by recombinant TPX2 in an ATP-dependent manner [4].


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