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Gene Review

dadX  -  alanine racemase

Escherichia coli UTI89

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Disease relevance of dadX

  • Moreover, we demonstrate that expression of a K35A Y235A double mutation of dadX in E. coli suppresses bacterial growth in a dominant negative fashion [1].
  • Gene organization surrounding the dadX gene is highly conserved among Pseudomonas strains [2].

High impact information on dadX

  • The pathogenicity island begins 7 bp downstream of dadX (catabolic alanine racemase; 26.55 min) and ends at a position in the K-12 genome 75 bp downstream of the metV tRNA gene (62.74 min); this suggests that a chromosomal rearrangement has occurred relative to the K-12 linkage map [3].
  • The dadA and dadX genes were localized to a 3.5-kb part of the plasmid insert [4].
  • The organization of the dadA and dadX genes confirmed our previous conclusion based on the genetic data (J. Wild, J. Hennig, M. Lobocka, W. Walczak, and T. Kłopotowski, Mol. Gen. Genet. 198:315-322, 1985) that these genes form an operon [4].
  • The dadX alanine racemase activity is unusually refractory to changes of incubation temperature [5].


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