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Gene Review

crim1  -  cysteine rich transmembrane BMP regulator...

Danio rerio

Synonyms: CRIM-1, Cysteine-rich motor neuron 1 protein, SO:0000704
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High impact information on crim1

  • From 24 hpf, morphants displayed an expansion of the ventral mesoderm-derived ICM, as evidenced by expansion of tal1, lmo2 and crim1 itself [1].
  • Analysis of the crim1 morphant phenotype in Tg(fli:EGFP) fish showed a clear reduction in the endothelial cells forming the intersegmental vessels and a loss of the dorsal longitudinal anastomotic vessel (DLAV) [1].
  • Knockdown of zebrafish crim1 results in a bent tail phenotype with defects in somite and vascular development [1].
  • To investigate its physiological role, zebrafish crim1 was cloned and shown to be both maternally and zygotically expressed during zebrafish development in sites including the vasculature, intermediate cell mass, notochord, and otic vesicle [1].


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