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Gene Review

Abi  -  Abelson interacting protein

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: Abi-1, Ablphilin, CG9749, Dmel\CG9749, abi, ...
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High impact information on Abi

  • Activation of Abi results in the formation of ectopic bristles, a phenotype that is suppressed by a reduction of wasp activity but is not affected by the reduction of wave function [1].
  • This gain-of-function phenotype is independent of wave but can be suppressed by reducing the wasp gene dose, indicating that Kette is able to regulate Wasp, to which it is linked via the Abelson interactor (Abi) [2].
  • CONCLUSIONS: In Drosophila cells, SCAR is regulated by Abi, Kette, and Sra1, components of a conserved regulatory SCAR complex [3].
  • RESULTS: Using RNAi to screen for genes regulating cell form in an adherent Drosophila cell line, we identified a set of genes, including Abi/E3B1, that are absolutely required for the formation of dynamic protrusions [3].
  • Modulation of Abi protein levels may be an important mechanism for regulating the level of Abl kinase activity in the cell [4].

Associations of Abi with chemical compounds

  • Human and mouse Abelson interacting proteins (Abi) are SH3-domain containing proteins that bind to the proline-rich motifs of the Abelson protein tyrosine kinase [4].

Regulatory relationships of Abi

  • Together, these findings suggest that the reciprocal regulation of Abi phosphorylation by Abl and PTP61F may regulate the localization and stability of Abi and may regulate the formation of lamella [5].

Other interactions of Abi


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