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Gene Review

AOX1  -  aldehyde oxidase 1

Gallus gallus

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High impact information on AOX1

  • Rodents are characterized by four aldehyde oxidases as follows: AOX1 and aldehyde oxidase homologs 1-3 (AOH1, AOH2, and AOH3) [1].
  • The avian genome contains two aldehyde oxidase genes, AOX1 and AOH, mapping to chromosome 7 [1].
  • Purification of the chicken AOX1 protein to homogeneity from kidney demonstrates that the enzyme possesses retinaldehyde oxidase activity [1].
  • The average FAD reduction potential is substantially more positive in AO (Em for FAD/FADH., -258 mV; FADH./FADH2, -212 mV at pH 7.8) than in XO or XDH [2].
  • Properties of the prosthetic groups of rabbit liver aldehyde oxidase: a comparison of molybdenum hydroxylase enzymes [2].

Associations of AOX1 with chemical compounds

  • Although magnetic interaction between FAD and one or both reduced Fe/S centers has been detected in both AO and XO, no magnetic interaction between the two reduced Fe/S centers themselves was found in AO (although such interaction has been seen in XO) [2].


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