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Gene Review

rasp  -  CG11495 gene product from transcript...

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 7F21, CG11495, Dmel\CG11495, Protein central missing, Protein sightless, ...
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High impact information on rasp

  • Our results suggest that Rasp-dependent acylation is necessary to generate a fully active Hh protein [1].
  • Loss-of-function mutations in cmn cause similar patterning defects to those caused by hh or dispatched (disp) mutations [2].
  • Moreover, cmn affects the expression of hh responsive genes but not of hh itself [2].
  • Like disp, cmn acts upstream of patched (ptc) and its activity is required only in the Hh secreting cells [2].
  • However, unlike disp, which is required for the release of the cholesterol-modified form of Hh, cmn regulates the activity of Hh in a manner that is independent of cholesterol modification [2].

Anatomical context of rasp


Other interactions of rasp

  • In addition, we identified a novel component in the hh pathway, which we name central missing (cmn) [2].


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