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Gene Review

bab2  -  bric a brac 2

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BAB, BAB2, BTB-II, Bab2, BtbII, ...
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Disease relevance of bab2


High impact information on bab2

  • For example, bric-a-brac2 is normally expressed in the central part of the tarsus domain but expands into distal and proximal regions in bowl clones [2].
  • It consists of two structurally and functionally related genes, bab1 and bab2, each of which encodes a single nuclear protein [3].
  • We show that the BTB/POZ domains of BAB1 and BAB2 are sufficient to mediate a direct interaction with BIP2/dTAF(II)155 [4].
  • Multiple bab alleles that confer distinct phenotypes appear to segregate in natural populations at appreciable frequencies, suggesting that intraspecific and interspecific variation in abdominal pigmentation may share a similar genetic basis [5].
  • NAC1 is a member of the Bric-a-brac Tramtrac Broad complex/Pox virus and Zinc finger family of transcription factors and has been shown by overexpression studies to prevent the development of behavioral sensitization resulting from repeated cocaine treatment [6].

Biological context of bab2


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