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Gene Review

Uba2  -  Smt3 activating enzyme 2

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG7528, DmSAE2, DmSae2, DmUba2, Dmel\CG7528, ...
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High impact information on Uba2

  • We did not observe any concentration of DmUba2 at sites where the septins are concentrated, and we could not detect DmSmt3 modification of the three Drosophila septins tested [1].
  • Analysis of the amino acid composition reveals similarity with both the mammalian (47% identity) and yeast (31% identity) homologues. dUba2 is present throughout the Drosophila life cycle but is most abundant during stages of proliferation [2].
  • The nature of these sites is not clear, however the failure of dUba2 to localise to the sites of chorion amplification in ovaries suggests that they are not sites of ongoing DNA replication [2].

Biological context of Uba2


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