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Gene Review

PF4V1  -  platelet factor 4 variant 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: C-X-C motif chemokine 4 variant, CXCL4L1, CXCL4V1, PF4-ALT, PF4A, ...
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Disease relevance of PF4V1


High impact information on PF4V1

  • Northern blot and primer extension studies show that steady-state platelet PF4 mRNA levels are approximately one magnitude greater than PF4alt mRNA levels [2].
  • This pyrimidine-rich region is absent from the PF4alt gene; however, DNA homology exists between the two human genes in the 5'- and 3'-flanking regions and extends for over 3.6 kb [2].
  • PF4alt contains three amino acid substitutions (P58----L, K66----E, and L67----H) near the C-terminus, in a region known to be critical for PF4 function [2].
  • Rat PF4 and human PF4var1 genes had identical 18-base sequences 5' to the promoter region [3].
  • The gene for PF4var1 consisted of three exons and two introns [3].

Biological context of PF4V1


Anatomical context of PF4V1

  • In vivo, CXCL4L1 was also more effective than CXCL4 in inhibiting bFGF-induced angiogenesis in rat corneas [1].

Associations of PF4V1 with chemical compounds

  • However, PF4var1 had amino acid differences at three positions in the lysine-rich carboxy-terminal end that were all conserved among human, bovine, and rat PF4s [3].

Other interactions of PF4V1

  • Here, the product of the nonallelic variant gene of CXCL4, PF-4var1/PF-4alt, designated CXCL4L1, was isolated for the first time from thrombin-stimulated human platelets and purified to homogeneity [1].


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