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Gene Review

Dlg3  -  discs, large homolog 3 (Drosophila)

Mus musculus

Synonyms: DLG3, Disks large homolog 3, Dlgh3, SAP-102, SAP102, ...
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High impact information on Dlg3

  • Second, the resulting overall distributions of PSD-95, SAP102, and Chapsyn-110 in the adult mouse brain were consistent with their mRNA distributions [1].
  • The translated amino acid sequence of murine Dlgh3 contains 568 amino acids that show 87% sequence identity with the human MPP3 protein [2].
  • Using an interspecific backcross panel, the Dlgh3 gene was mapped to a segment of mouse chromosome 11 that is conserved with human chromosome 17q12-21 [2].
  • Northern blot analysis shows abundant expression of a approximately 3.0 kb transcript of Dlgh3 in mouse brain and skeletal muscle, and a relatively less abundant approximately 5.0 kb transcript in skeletal muscle, testis, kidney, and lung [2].
  • The close proximity of murine Dlgh3 gene to the BRCA1 locus and the high conservation of the primary structure of human and murine proteins provide a framework for testing the role of Dlgh3 in cell proliferation pathways using the mouse as a model system [2].


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