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Gene Review

CHP2  -  calcineurin-like EF-hand protein 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Calcineurin B homologous protein 2, HCA520, Hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen 520
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Disease relevance of LOC63928


High impact information on LOC63928

  • We show that the cytoplasmic alpha-helix of NHE1 is inserted into the hydrophobic cleft formed by N- and C-lobes of CHP2 and that the size and shape of this crevice together with hydrogen bond formation at multiple positions assure a high degree of specificity for interaction with NHE members [3].
  • In this study, we characterized the function of another isoform of CHP (designated CHP2) that has a 61% amino acid identity with CHP1 [4].
  • Expression of calcineurin B homologous protein 2 protects serum deprivation-induced cell death by serum-independent activation of Na+/H+ exchanger [4].
  • The Chp2 genome is 4,567 bp and encodes up to eight open reading frames (ORFs); it is similar in overall organization to the Chp1 genome [2].
  • Chp2 double-stranded circular replicative-form DNA was purified and used as a template for DNA sequence analysis [2].

Biological context of LOC63928

  • They exhibit tight temperature-dependent growth, in the presence and absence of serum, with cell division at 33 C and growth inhibition at 39 C. CHP2 cells, at both temperatures, showed diffuse immunostaining for human alpha-subunit and focal staining for TSH beta [5].

Physical interactions of LOC63928

  • We propose that serum-independent activation of NHE1 by bound CHP2 is one of the key mechanisms for the maintenance of high pH(i) and the resistance to serum deprivation-induced cell death in malignantly transformed cells [4].

Regulatory relationships of LOC63928

  • Serum (10%) induced a significant cytoplasmic alkalinization (0.1-0.2 pH unit) in cells co-expressing CHP1 and NHE1 but not in cells co-expressing CHP2 and NHE1 [4].

Other interactions of LOC63928

  • These properties of CHP2/NHE1 cells are similar to those of malignantly transformed cells [4].


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