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Gene Review

PHF20  -  PHD finger protein 20

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: C20orf104, GLEA2, Glioma-expressed antigen 2, HCA58, Hepatocellular carcinoma-associated antigen 58, ...
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Disease relevance of PHF20


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Biological context of PHF20


Anatomical context of PHF20

  • A cDNA clone encoding a novel zinc finger protein expressed in lymphoid cells has been isolated [12].
  • Evi9 encodes a novel zinc finger protein that physically interacts with BCL6, a known human B-cell proto-oncogene product [13].
  • Our findings suggest that the novel zinc finger protein TIZ may play a role during osteoclast differentiation by modulating TRAF6 signaling activity [14].
  • We conclude that the novel zinc finger protein Zfp289, which may represent the mammalian homologue of Gcs-1, is potentially an important mediator of the Id-1-induced proliferation pathway in mammary epithelial cells [15].
  • GLP-1: A novel zinc finger protein required in somatic cells of the gonad for germ cell development [16].

Associations of PHF20 with chemical compounds

  • Complexes of W(CO)(5) with neutral diatomic pnictogen ligands N(2), P(2), As(2), Sb(2), and Bi(2) and anionic Group 14 ligands Si(2) (2-), Ge(2) (2-), Sn(2) (2-), and Pb(2) (2-) coordinated in both side-on and end-on fashion have been optimized by using density functional theory at the BP86 level with valence sets of TZP quality [17].
  • 4SR, a novel zinc-finger protein with SR-repeats, is expressed during early development of Xenopus [18].
  • To estimate the importance of relativistic effects on the reaction mechanisms between Ru and CO2, the potential energy surfaces have been performed in the triplet and quintet electronic states using quasi-relativistic (Pauli), zero-order regularly approximated (ZORA), and nonrelativistic (NR) density functional theory (DFT) at the PW91/TZP level [19].
  • Density functional theory calculations (PW91/STO-TZP, including basis-set superposition error corrections) have been used to evaluate hydrogen bond energies of five- and six-coordinate heme-NO complexes with phenol and imidazole, chosen as models for distal pocket tyrosine and histidine residues [20].
  • Conversely, veneer-framework systems consisting of feldspathic glass veneers and tough zirconia-based frameworks (TZP/Cercon S and Inceram-Zirconia/Vita VM7) may exhibit lifetimes longer than 20 years if the bridge connector is properly designed [21].

Other interactions of PHF20


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PHF20


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