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Gene Review

vent  -  ventral expressed homeobox

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, vega2, vent1, wu:fe36b11
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High impact information on vent

  • The boz gene is activated in the organizer in response to beta-catenin signaling, and Boz protein has been demonstrated to contribute to organizer formation by repression of ventralizing genes, including bmp2b, vega1, and vega2 [1].
  • Ved functions redundantly with vox/vega1 and vent/vega2 to restrict the organizer domain [2].
  • Zebrafish embryos injected with vega2 mRNA failed to express gsc and developed a headless phenotype [3].
  • Conversely, a putative dominant negative form of vega2, VP16-vega2, elicited the expansion of gsc expression and a dorsalized phenotype [3].
  • We suggest that vega2, in cooperation with vega1, functions as a negative regulator of organizer genes including gsc, and participates in the refinement of the gastrula organizer domain [3].

Biological context of vent

  • The combined inhibition of ved, vox/vega1, and vent/vega2, by antisense morpholino injection, strongly dorsalized the embryos and elicited ventral expansion of organizer gene expression, compared with the effect of inhibiting each of these genes alone [2].
  • Functional interaction of vega2 and goosecoid homeobox genes in zebrafish [3].


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