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Gene Review

Cybrd1  -  cytochrome b reductase 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2210407P13Rik, Cytochrome b reductase 1, Dcytb, Duodenal cytochrome b
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Disease relevance of Cybrd1

  • Intestinal Hcp1 mRNA content was not significantly changed by iron overload (600 mg/kg); however, it was increased to 170 % of controls 72 h after withdrawal of 0.7 ml of blood; the same treatment increased intestinal Cybrd1 mRNA to 900 % of controls [1].

High impact information on Cybrd1

  • Regulatory defects in liver and intestine implicate abnormal hepcidin and Cybrd1 expression in mouse hemochromatosis [2].
  • This was thought to be mediated by duodenal cytochrome b (Cybrd1), a ferric reductase enzyme resident on the luminal surface of intestinal absorptive cells [3].
  • In parallel, HFE -/- resulted in reduced renal expression of Dcytb and DMT-1 [4].
  • Transcript levels of genes involved in intestinal iron absorption, including Dcytb, DMT1, and ferroportin, are significantly elevated in the absence of hepcidin [5].

Biological context of Cybrd1

  • This change may be linked to inappropriate iron sensing by the liver based on decreased TfR-2 expression, resulting in reduced circulating hepcidin levels and an inappropriate up-regulation of Dcytb and DMT-1 driven iron absorption [4].

Anatomical context of Cybrd1


Other interactions of Cybrd1

  • We examined the expression of the ferric reductase Dcytb, DMT1 and some other genes involved in Fe metabolism in tissues of mice dosed with PHZ [6].


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