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Gene Review

Tfr2  -  transferrin receptor 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: TfR2, Transferrin receptor protein 2, Trfr2
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Disease relevance of Trfr2

  • Targeted disruption of the hepatic transferrin receptor 2 gene in mice leads to iron overload [1].
  • We found decreased expression of hepcidin and TfR2 and increased expression of TfR1 and NGAL in the beta-thalassemia mouse models, compared with the control mice [2].

High impact information on Trfr2

  • To determine the contribution of liver expressed TfR2 in iron homeostasis, we have generated and characterized a liver-specific TfR2-knockout (KO) mouse [1].
  • In situ hybridization demonstrated abundant TfR2 expression in hepatocytes [3].
  • RESULTS: Ferroportin1, transferrin receptor 2 and HAMP mRNA levels displayed no significant strain differences [4].
  • Duodenal Fe absorption and hepatic Fe uptake were measured in vivo by (59)Fe-labeled ascorbate in TfR2 mutant mice, wild-type mice, and Fe-loaded wild-type mice (2% dietary carbonyl Fe) [5].
  • Even when compared with Fe-loaded wild-type mice, TfR2 mutant mice had increased Fe absorption, increased duodenal Fe transport gene expression, increased liver Fe uptake, and decreased liver hepcidin expression [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of Trfr2


Anatomical context of Trfr2


Other interactions of Trfr2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Trfr2

  • Levels of the iron-related proteins TfR1, TfR2, ferritin, and prohepcidin were analyzed by immunoblotting [1].


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