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Gene Review

PKS1  -  phytochrome kinase substrate 1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: PHYTOCHROME KINASE SUBSTRATE 1, T17M13.12, T17M13_12
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High impact information on PKS1

  • A phytochrome binding protein, PKS1 (phytochrome kinase substrate 1), was identified that is a substrate for light-regulated phytochrome kinase activity in vitro [1].
  • Moreover, the two proteins can interact with each other, and PKS2 negatively regulates PKS1 protein levels specifically under VLFR conditions [2].
  • Phytochrome kinase substrate1 (PKS1) is a cytoplasmic protein that interacts physically with, and is phosphorylated by, the plant photoreceptor phytochrome [2].
  • We propose that PKS1 and PKS2 are involved in a growth regulatory loop that provides homeostasis to phyA signaling in the VLFR [2].
  • The strong enhancement of PKS1 expression by blue light and its light induction in the elongation zone of the hypocotyl prompted us to study the function of this gene family during phototropism [3].

Biological context of PKS1


Anatomical context of PKS1

  • We show that PKS1 induction by a pulse of blue light is phytochrome A-dependent, suggesting that the PKS proteins may provide a molecular link between these two photoreceptor families [3].

Other interactions of PKS1


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