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Gene Review

AMN  -  amnion associated transmembrane protein

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: PRO1028, Protein amnionless, UNQ513/PRO1028, amnionless
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Disease relevance of AMN


High impact information on AMN

  • In the diagnosis of juvenile cobalamin deficiency, mutational analysis of the CUBN, AMN, and GIF genes provides a molecular characterization of the underlying defect and may be the diagnostic method of choice [3].
  • In transfected cells expressing either AMN or a truncated IF-cobalamin-binding cubilin construct, neither protein alone conferred ligand endocytosis [4].

Anatomical context of AMN

  • Here we show that cubilin and AMN colocalize in the endocytic apparatus of polarized epithelial cells and copurify as a tight complex during IF-cobalamin affinity and nondenaturing gel filtration chromatography [4].
  • However, in cells cotransfected with AMN and the cubilin construct, cubilin trafficked to the cell surface and endosomes, and the cells exhibited IF-cobalamin endocytosis and lysosomal degradation of IF [4].

Other interactions of AMN

  • In a series of families clinically diagnosed with likely IGS, at least six displayed no evidence of mutations in CUBN or AMN [3].


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