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Gene Review

PCL1  -  transcription factor LUX

Arabidopsis thaliana

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Disease relevance of PCL1


High impact information on PCL1

  • Mathematical modeling indicated that the modest change in peak LUX RNA abundance was sufficient to cause the period change due to FLC, providing a molecular target for the crosstalk between flowering time pathways and circadian regulation [2].
  • The data are also consistent with LUX being necessary for activation of CCA1 and LHY expression [3].
  • LUX ARRHYTHMO encodes a Myb domain protein essential for circadian rhythms [3].
  • Therefore, the PCL1 gene is the clock oscillator gene essential to the generation of clock oscillation in the higher plant [1].
  • Here we succeeded to clone the PCL1 gene and show that the PCL1 gene encodes a novel DNA binding protein belonging to the GARP protein family and is essential for a functional clock oscillator in A. thaliana [1].


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