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Gene Review

AT4G02610  -  tryptophan synthase alpha chain

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: T10P11.11, T10P11_11
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Disease relevance of AT4G02610


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Biological context of AT4G02610

  • A TSA1 genomic clone was also isolated and 5 kb of the DNA sequence determined [6].
  • A single sequence in the Arabidopsis genome with homology to the TSA1 cDNA was detected by high-stringency genomic Southern blot hybridization [6].
  • A novel mutation in the anthranilate synthase alpha 1 (ASA1) gene, named trp5-2wvc1, and mutations in the tryptophan synthase alpha and beta 1 genes (trp3-1 and trp2-1, respectively) confer a compressed root wave phenotype on tilted agar surfaces [7].

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