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Gene Review

FLS1  -  flavonol synthase 1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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Disease relevance of FLS


High impact information on FLS

  • One mutant line contained an En-1 insertion in the flavonol synthase gene (FLS) and showed drastically reduced levels of kaempferol [2].
  • These studies indicate that FLS is an "early" flavonoid gene in Arabidopsis seedlings, whereas LDOX is a "late" gene [3].
  • Furthermore, FLS is the first flavonoid enzyme identified in Arabidopsis that may be encoded by a gene family [3].
  • DNA blot analysis was used to screen the Arabidopsis genome for sequences related to FLS and LDOX and to determine the positions of the two clones on the RI map [3].

Biological context of FLS

  • This and other studies led to the proposal that ANS as well as FLS may select for dihydroflavonoid substrates carrying a "beta-face" C-3 hydroxyl group and initially form the 3-geminal diol by "alpha-face" hydroxylation [4].


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