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Gene Review

ZLL  -  eIF2C family protein Argonaute10

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: AGO10, ARGONAUTE 10, ARGONAUTE PROTEIN 10, MQD19.17, MQD19_17, ...
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High impact information on ZLL


Associations of ZLL with chemical compounds


Biological context of ZLL

  • Using specific antibodies against ZLL, we show that the zll phenotype is due to the complete absence of the ZLL protein [7].
  • These results also indicate that genes regulating cell division and axis determinacy are likely to be among PNH targets [3].

Other interactions of ZLL

  • Mutant and marker gene analyses suggest that during shoot meristem formation, ZLL functions in a similar manner but in a sequential order with its close homologue AGO1, which mediates RNA interference [8].


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