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Gene Review

ALP  -  thiol protease aleurain

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on AALP

  • Further, we found that AtELP interacts in a similar manner with the NTPP of the endogenous vacuolar protein AtALEU (Arabidopsis thaliana Aleu), a protein highly homologous to barley aleurain [1].
  • The mRNA levels of both alphaVPE and gammaVPE were increased in the primary leaves during senescence in parallel with the increase of the mRNA level of a senescence-associated gene (SAG2) [2].
  • Analysis by surface plasmon resonance showed that the lumenal domain of PV72 bound to an NPIR (a typical vacuolar targeting signal)-containing peptide of the precursor of a cysteine proteinase, AtALEU, in the presence of Ca(2+) (K(D) = 0.1 micro M) [3].
  • The AtALEU precursor might be trapped by PV72-HDEL in the ER and not transported to the vacuoles [3].


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