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Gene Review

RHB1  -  putative GTPase RHB1

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: GTP-binding protein RSG1, RSG1, Rheb-like protein RHB1, YCR027C, YCR27C
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High impact information on RHB1

  • The thialysine-resistant phenotype of the hyperactive Rhb1 mutants is suppressed by a second mutation in the effector domain [1].
  • By using the hyperactive mutant, Rhb1(K120R), we have been able to demonstrate that Rhb1 interacts with Tor2, one of the two S. pombe TOR (Target of Rapamycin) proteins [1].
  • Like the Saccharomyces cerevisiae rhb1 mutant, the Delta rhbA mutant exhibited increased uptake of arginine [2].
  • A likely fission yeast homologue of mammalian Rheb, which we designated Rhb1, was identified by genome sequencing [3].
  • Our investigation of rhb1 showed that rhb1(-) cells arrested cell growth and division with a terminal phenotype similar to that of nitrogen-starved cells [3].

Biological context of RHB1

  • Loss of Rhb1, a Rheb-related GTPase in fission yeast, causes growth arrest with a terminal phenotype similar to that caused by nitrogen starvation [3].

Associations of RHB1 with chemical compounds

  • Rsglp localizes to a distinct structure toward the cell periphery, and strains lacking Btn2p (btn2delta strains) fail to correctly localize Rsg1p. btn2delta strains, like rsg1delta strains, are sensitive for growth in the presence of the arginine analog canavanine [4].


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