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Gene Review

RFX1  -  Rfx1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: CRT1, L9470.18, RFX-like DNA-binding protein RFX1, YLR176C
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High impact information on RFX1

  • CRT1 encodes a DNA-binding protein that recruits the general repressors Ssn6 and Tup1 to the promoters of damage-inducible genes [1].
  • In response to DNA damage and replication blocks, Crt1 becomes hyperphosphorylated and no longer binds DNA, resulting in transcriptional induction [1].
  • The DNA replication and damage checkpoint pathways induce transcription by inhibition of the Crt1 repressor [1].
  • Molecular genetic analysis of the yeast repressor Rfx1/Crt1 reveals a novel two-step regulatory mechanism [2].
  • Here we have mapped the functional domains of Crt1 and identified two independent repression domains and a region required for gene activation [2].

Biological context of RFX1

  • Promoter mapping studies revealed that the upstream repressing sequences, the damage-responsive elements (DREs), rendered these genes dependent upon TAF(II)s. DREs are the binding sites for the sequence-specific DNA binding-protein Crt1 that represses transcription by recruiting the Ssn6-Tup1 co-repressor complex to the promoter [3].
  • We calculated the weight matrix representing the Crt1p binding site motif according to analysis of the 5'-UTR sequences of the genes that are under its regulation [4].
  • A statistical analysis showed that it is unlikely that a random gene cluster contains the motif conserved as well as the Crt1p binding site [4].

Associations of RFX1 with chemical compounds

  • We report here cross-regulation between Rox1 and Mot3 and Rfx1 in the regulation of the RNR genes encoding ribonucleotide diphosphate reductase [5].

Other interactions of RFX1

  • This contrasts with the derepression of Crt1-regulated genes, which requires both Rad53 and Dun1 protein kinases [6].


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