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Gene Review

ZIP2  -  Zip2p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: NRC704, Protein ZIP2, YGL249W, Zipping up meiotic chromosomes protein 2
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High impact information on ZIP2


Biological context of ZIP2

  • The Msh4 protein localizes to discrete foci on meiotic chromosomes and colocalizes with Zip2, a protein involved in the initiation of chromosome synapsis [3].
  • Zip2 and Zip3 are previously characterized components of the synapsis initiation complex [4].
  • The meiosis-specific zip4 protein regulates crossover distribution by promoting synaptonemal complex formation together with zip2 [4].
  • Crossing-over is decreased in the zip4 mutant (as in zip1, zip2, and zip3); the remaining crossovers are largely dependent on a parallel pathway utilizing Mms4. zip4 displays a novel phenotype: negative crossover interference, meaning that crossovers tend to cluster [4].

Co-localisations of ZIP2


Regulatory relationships of ZIP2


Other interactions of ZIP2

  • Zip4 forms a functional unit with Zip2 that is distinct from Zip3 [4].
  • Here, Spo22 (also called Zip4) is identified as a probable functional collaborator of Zip2/3 [6].


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