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Gene Review

TPM2  -  tropomyosin TPM2

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Tropomyosin-2, YIL138C
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High impact information on TPM2

  • Overexpression of a second yeast tropomyosin, Tpm2p, rescues mutant phenotypes in the mdm20 strain to a lesser extent [1].
  • Biochemical and sequence analysis indicates that Tpm2p spans four actin monomers along a filament, whereas Tpmlp spans five [2].
  • Loss of Tpm2p has no detectable phenotype in otherwise wild type cells, but is lethal in combination with tpm1 delta [2].
  • Over-expression of Tpm2p in vivo alters the axial budding of haploids to a bipolar pattern, and this can be partially suppressed by co-over-expression of Tpm1p [2].
  • TPM1 has two such deletions, which flank the 38-residue partial gene duplication that causes TPM1 to span five actins instead of the four of TPM2 [3].

Biological context of TPM2


Anatomical context of TPM2

  • Yeast contains two genes, TPM1 and TPM2, encoding tropomyosins, either of which can provide an essential function in the yeast cytoskeleton [4].

Other interactions of TPM2

  • The lethality conferred by tsl tpm1delta mutations could be specifically suppressed by either TPM1 or an additional copy of TPM2 [4].


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