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Gene Review

YME2  -  Yme2p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Mitochondrial escape protein 2, PRP12, Protein RNA12, RNA12, YM9952.04C, ...
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High impact information on YME2


Biological context of YME2

  • While the other yme mutations had no detectable growth phenotypes, synergistic interactions were observed in two double mutant combinations: a yme1, yme2 double mutant failed to respire at 30 degrees and a yme4, yme6 double mutant failed to respire at all temperatures tested [3].
  • Furthermore, conserved sequence elements in Yme2p suggest that this protein may also function as an exonuclease [4].

Anatomical context of YME2

  • These findings suggest that yme1, yme2, yme4 and yme6 mutations alter mitochondrial functions and thereby lead to an increased rate of DNA escape from the organelle [3].


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