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Gene Review

MLS1  -  malate synthase MLS1

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Malate synthase 1, glyoxysomal, N1921, YNL117W
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High impact information on MLS1

  • We have isolated a second gene (MLS1), which in addition to DAL7, encodes malate synthase from S. cerevisiae [1].
  • Although noncoding and coding sequences show substantial variability in ratios of polymorphism to divergence, two of the loci, MLS1 and PDR10, show a higher rate of polymorphism at noncoding compared to synonymous sites [2].
  • Concurrent expression from constitutive promoters of genes ICL1 and MLS1 (encoding malate synthase) also suppressed the growth phenotype of pyc1 pyc2 mutants [3].
  • The subcellular location of the key glyoxylate-cycle enzyme malate synthase 1 (Mls1p), an SKL-terminated protein, was examined in yeast cells grown on different carbon sources [4].
  • The combined results indicated that Mls1p remained in the cytosol of cells grown on ethanol, and that targeting of Mls1p to the peroxisomes was advantageous to cells grown on oleic acid as a sole carbon source [4].

Associations of MLS1 with chemical compounds


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